If you have been prescribed multiple meds from many specialists and not getting better and have a side effect.

If you are not getting relief from chronic pain.

If you are lacking sexual desire, have PMS, Painful Periods, Hot Flashes.

If you are constantly feeling tired.

If you are unable to loose weight and you tried every diet.

If you have constant digestive problems, heart burns, bloating.

If you can not control your sugar cravings

If you want to prevent cancer, dementia.

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Dr. Fatima Vilich MD
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Welcome to Vibrant Health! My name is Dr. Fatima Vilich and I specialize in Functional Medicine and am passionate about finding the root cause of chronic diseases. I partner with my patients to uncover the causes of chronic pain, lack of energy, inability to sleep well, weight gain, memory loss and a general lack of zest for life.

I support individuals who after seeing various specialists have not gotten better in spite of receiving multiple medications, and are often suffering from the side effects of those medications. My goal is to identify a person's unique biochemical and physiological imbalances, their genetics, as well as the relationship with their environment including allergens, toxins, nutrition, microorganisms and stress.

integrated system where organs are interconnected and communicate in a sophisticated network.

In a way, Functional Medicine specialists are "Super Generalists." We take a comprehensive health history and utilize the newest, most sophisticated laboratory tests, apply the most recent evidence based science, and use nutrition and supplements to reestablish health and wellbeing, as well as conventional modalities where indicated.

I strive to optimize a patient's health by relieving pain, decreasing inflammation, stabilizing hormones, improving mood, memory, cognition and energy. This leads to an improved quality of living and longevity.

We all deserve vibrant health! I educate and empower individuals to take charge of their health and equally participate in their healing.

I myself suffered chronic pain and when conventional medicine could not help I found a cure through Functional Medicine. I understand how you feel and I am excited to help you regain your vibrant health and feel young, sharp and happy again.

Dr. Mark Hyman, Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine states, "Functional Medicine is the future of Conventional Medicine available now." I am one out of 200 Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners who are changing the world of Medicine by helping heal chronic disease.

Rather than just treating a patient's symptoms, I look at each individual as a whole being. I view the body as an

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