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Alzheimer’s Disease Is Not Inevitable

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Case Presentation

62 year old man with family history of Alzheimer’s disease presented with memory decline, fatigue, loosing hair, constipation and weight gain.
He attributed it all to aging and just lived with it.
History and tests revealed he was eating inflammatory foods, had low Thyroid and Adrenal, DHEA and Testosterone hormones, chronic EB viral infection.
GI dysbiosis and low digestive enzymes, Metabolic syndrome, Pre-diabetes .
Fatty liver and elevated liver enzymes high, Homocysteine, one copy of APOE4 gene.

Patient was treated with anti inflammatory low carb diet ,bio -identical hormones, herbs for viral and Gi infections, liver support, B vitamins.
Even though he has a gene predisposing him to Alzheimer’s, modifying multitude of risks for Alzheimer’s is protective against cognitive decline.

His memory and energy has significantly improved and he is able to work full time.