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Case Report: Alzheimer’s Disease

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78 year old woman with Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Fatty liver came to see me 2 months ago.3 years ago she developed severe memory loss, became lethargic, stopped driving, cooking, doing chores, developed hallucinations and slept 15 hours during day mostly. Her MRI showed diffuse volume loss, her cognitive test was very low 10 out of 30 .Her labs showed high insulin, glucose, triglicerides, homocistein, interleukin 6, CRP, food sensitivities. I suggested dietary changes and put patients on multiple supplements (vitamins, hormones and botanicals)

Yesterday her husband reported that he is getting his Tamra back. She is alert and awake, is cooking a breakfast and cleaning dishes and doing laundry. She yesterday drove a car to grocery store and back without his knowledge, unfortunately bought soda. ha ha)

Her husband (who worked hard taking care of her, administering supplements and cooking) is so happy and sent letter of her progress to all of his family members